Uniform Standards

Our official uniform vendor is Mario’s Family Clothing Center. Mario’s is at 7761 Broadway in Lemon Grove and can be reached at (619)469-8391 or www.mariosfcc.com.

All uniform tops and outerwear must be purchased from Mario’s Clothing 7761 Broadway, Lemon Grove. Uniform bottoms may be purchased anywhere that sells them. All tops and outerwear must have the school logo.

  • TOPS:
    All tops must have the school logo on the left chest. Short sleeve polo shirts are forest/hunter green, grey, and royal blue. Red and light blue are for middle school only. Long sleeve polo shirts are available in forest green. White turtlenecks may be worn under the uniform shirts.
  • All Students PS – 8th grade must purchase a Royal Blue “Port Authority” polo shirt which is our uniform shirt for field trips and performances and can be worn at other times too.
    • Girls long pants, capri pants, and stretch flair pants in navy and khaki. Shorts, jumpers, pleated skirts and stitched-down pleated skirt in khaki or navy.
    • Girls skirts may be no shorter than three inches above the knee. Shorts, bike shorts, or leggings must be worn under skirts for modesty.
    • Middle school girls may wear junior stretch flair pants in khaki, navy, and black.
    • Boys long pants or shorts in khaki and navy.